Copy Write by Design

drafing toolsA large part of our design activities involves writing—copywriting to be precise.

It is particularly important for small businesses and organizations to get copywriting right.

In this post I will discuss what copywriting is and how design fits into it.

What is Copywriting
Basically it is the discipline of producing written content. That is the text material that brochures, press releases, white papers, newsletters, video scripts, websites and case studies consist of.

Generally the text, referred to as copy, has a specific purpose. It is designed to persuade people to buy a product or to change their opinion about something.

The Design Aspect
We are inundated with information from many sources. It is becoming increasingly difficult to convince people to read copy. We often use the acronym AIDA (Attention, Interest, Desire. Action) to guide the design process. You have to first catch the potential reader’s attention. Then they have to see something that interests them and so on.

The key is that the copy has to be designed to achieve the desired outcome.

The Challenge
Often the client specifies in the brief or RFP what the copy should look like before any design has been considered. This can be a challenge on two levels.

Firstly, it might not be the best solution for the desired outcome. For example, the brief might call for a corporate-style brochure when a whitepaper might be more effective.

Secondly, the client might have chosen the appropriate type of copy, but prescribes an incorrect design style.

Factors To Consider
In the design process we look at four main factors.

  1. What are the objectives for the copy
  2. Who is the target audience
  3. How does one best reach the target audience
  4. How should the copy be distributed

The Takeaway
The takeaway is that copy is not just a matter of writing some text. Copywriting involves extensive design if it is to be effective.

If you have a copywriting project, please do not hesitate to contact us.