Graphics for Facebook and Twitter

bargainWhile it takes a little bit more time to create, posts with associated graphics/photos get more views, likes and follows.

In this post I will show you have to create an effective graphic really quickly.

Key Concepts
When planning a graphic, you must keep the following concepts in mind

  • Keep it simple
  • Use colours
  • Must portray one key message

As an example, we want to create a graphic for Facebook to promote our training website,

The key message for this post is that it is a bargain.

The recommended image sizes for Facebook and Twitter are different, however in the interest of time if you choose 500 x 250 px it will work for both.

Basically you open a new picture in MS Paint and set the size to 500 x 250 px. Then you create your image as shown below:

MS Paint


You fill the background with a suitable colour – we used the corporate red. Against a dark background, white text in a clear font works well, we used Arial.

Once you are happy, save the image in a convenient location.

Adding to Facebook
In Facebook, create your post as always. Then add the link URL to the page you want to promote. In our case it is

Facebook will scan the page and select an image from the page. But you will also have an option to upload your own photo. Use that to upload the image that you have just created in MS Paint.

the post

Facebook not only adds the image to the post, it also makes it clickable to the page you are trying to promote!

It only takes a couple of moments to create an image in MS Paint but it will improve the effectiveness of your posts tremendously.

If you find it difficult at first to use MS Paint, we have some courses for that too – simply go over to —remember it is only $8!