Not So New Resolutions

New Year ResolutionsIt is common at this time of the year to see many articles on new year’s resolutions, and especially why we don’t keep them.

It is almost now as if no one expects one to really keep those resolutions!

New Year is still a good time to review the past year and make resolutions for the new year. In this post we would like to suggest one resolution that you will be able to keep.

Nobody’s Perfect
Oh my, if there was an excuse for not changing! But admitting that you are not perfect is also the first step in our recommended resolution.

One has to recognize that one has weaknesses or better, shortcomings. That is true on a personal level, for sure, but I am referring to the organizational level. We all lack skills and knowledge in certain areas.

The Resolution
So what is the resolution? To be the best you can at getting better. That means facing each of your shortcomings and figure out what you can do about them.

This way you are not comparing yourself against unachievable goals or those lofty experts out there, but rather that you will realistically work at improving you – at your pace and within your means.

Even if you only do one small thing, you know you will be better than you were last year.

Ongoing Learning
To implement the suggested resolution implies ongoing learning. It certainly is our goal at H Mueller Design to provide learning opportunities through our regular articles, our online training courses, and our book recommendations.

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