What Does It Cost?

dollar signI am often asked, how much does a “small”  or “basic” website cost? This seems to be a valid question. I know I would to know the cost of something before spending my hard-earned money!

But it is in fact an incorrect question to ask and it is symptomatic of an underlying omission as I will try and explain in more detail in this post.

Show me da money!
This is a quote from a famous movie where the football player says to the agent “show me da money!” I usually follow up the question with “show me da business plan!” – and so often there is none. That is the omission, The real question should be “what will the website do for your business/organization?” If the website will enable you to earn $100 000, does it matter if you have paid $100, $1000, or $10,000 for a website!

But a website is not a commodity with a fixed price, but rather it is a solution designed to meet a business need. Any new venture should start with a business plan in which you identify your target audience for your products or services, and includes an implementation plan, a financial plan and a marketing plan.

The website component is but one component of the project, marketing is an even bigger component. This involves a wide range of technologies including video, email marketing and social media.

Content creation is another huge component of an Internet-based project. A thorough knowledge of the target audience, the desired outcomes, and available resources all have a role to play as we discussed in a previous post.

I want to charge a lot!
That is why I can never answer the question, “how much does a website cost?” I would like to charge you much more than what you think a website should cost! No, I am not trying to be funny, it is true. I would like to use my skills as a designer to make your venture successful. This takes more than just building a website. I would like to be involved early on in the planning of your venture.

It is actually free!
In a strange way it is mostly free, as the costs incurred in your project for graphic design is largely a tax write-off.