Latest Windows 10 News

ms-event-2015-01-21-win10This morning I meant a cup of tea and sat back to watch Microsoft’s presentation on Windows 10. That’s right, and I have just written a long blog post on Windows 8!

Was it worth 2 hours and several cups of tea? For sure.

In fact I was quite excited because I could follow everything and it made a lot of sense. Well, almost everything – I was lost on the section about gaming and the Xbox. And then there was a very futuristic presentation about holographics…

I believe that Windows 8 is an excellent product and is unnecessarily maligned out of ignorance. I certainly found that I could now move easily from my workhorse PC with Window 7 to using my Surface tablet at Starbucks, or my phone when needed.

The highlight of today’s presentation is that Microsoft has taken this concept of working across platforms to a whole new level with Windows 10. As CEO Nadella said, their ambition is for people to use Windows 10 not because they have to, because they love to. I think they’ve on the right track.

You can read a summary of the presentation here…  At least watch the short video by Joe Belfiore below