PowerPoint vs Movie Maker

ppvsmmYou can save a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation as a video. And you know PowerPoint well. Does that make Movie Maker unnecessary?

Not so! They each have their strengths.

In this post I will make the case for using PowerPoint and Movie Maker together.

PowerPoint has powerful text formatting tools. And you can animate everything on a slide. But its video editing capabilities are non-existent.

On the other hand, Movie Maker is not good with text but it excels at editing video. In particular it allows you to add separate narration and background music tracks.

A Good Approach
So a good approach is create your text-heavy presentation in PowerPoint, complete with lovely text formatting and animations. Then you save the presentation as a video.

Finally you open the video in Movie Maker and add the narration and music, and save it for uploading to YouTube. We show an example of this approach in the video below.

Yes, you could have made the video entirely in eithrtPowerPoint or in Movie Maker. But we believe using them together in this way is a simpler approach that builds on the strengths of each program.

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