Business Community

The Importance of Business Community

One so often hears the term “business community” that one can miss the importance thereof!

Many new and small businesses owners fall into the trap of wanting to do everything themselves—which is reasonable because that way one saves money, right? Wrong! It actually is a false economy.

“Busy”-ness is not always good business.

It is a cliché but true. So you are very busy figuring out how to use a website template, or which online printer is the cheapest, etc. Maybe you can print your business cards using special paper.

What is wrong with this picture? You certainly feel like you have been busy.

The first problem is that you have not been busy getting business for your business. Your first responsibility as a small business is to get clients. You need to out there marketing and networking. You can never do enough of that.

The second problem is that you forget the important principle of “the business community”. You of course expect people to buy from you or use your services, right? But then you must equally be prepared to use the services of other local businesses. You should focus on running the business and getting the clients, and let the other local businesses focus on what they specialize in.

Being part of a community

By working with other businesses in your local community, you have more control over your work. You build up a relationship. If you have a need, or are looking for advice, you only need to pick up the phone or pop in.

Your colleagues in the local business community (that is what you are, colleagues) are committed to your business success and will work for your best interest. If you are successful, it is good for their business too. They will often refer new clients to you.

While you may take hours over a simple task, and then still get it wrong, your business community colleagues will do it in far less time, and get it right the first time – that is what they specialize in. That is a huge saving for your business.


But I have no money, you may counter. There is not a business who can’t relate to not having money. The answer still is not to try and do it yourself—rather find the financing and let your colleagues in the local business community do the work, while you promote your business. That is why banks have lines of credit and the Development Bank has business loans.

And in the final analysis, the services and products you buy from your colleagues in your business community are largely free in the sense that, as a business, these items are a tax write-0ff.

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