Old School Marketing

a postcard I was asked recently how one goes about getting new clients. One immediately thinks word-of-mouth, website, social media and so on. And these are all fine marketing techniques of course.

In this post I want to describe a marketing method that you might not have considered—postcard marketing!

Postcard Marketing
When was the last time you received a postcard addressed to you personally? It has become quite rare so if you do get a postcard, it stands out!

The idea is quite simple. You create a postcard that promotes a specific message. This you can do in Word and print the postcard on cover stock yourself, or have a local print shop print them if you printer does not handle cover stock.

I found that the standard 6”x4” postcard size works well.  I get two cards per page. So I print as many copies as I need, turn the pages over, and then print the reverse side. See the example below of a recent project.

Website-postcard-2_Page_2w   Website-postcard-2_Page_1w

The List
The postcards don’t cost much to print, however with the cost of the stamp it can quickly add up. Then there is the time it takes to address the cards by hand—which is important for that personal touch.

So you don’t want to send the cards to just anyone. Spend some time developing your mailing list. For example, for the website promotion project I would look for clients who had either just started a business, or had a rather dated business website.

I have found postcard marketing amazingly effective. People tend to throw direct mail pieces (junk mail) away but they keep the postcard as it is small.

I will often get a call months after the mail out. I have even had a postman contact me for a friend because he was intrigued by the card he had delivered.

So how does one get new clients? Remember the truism, if you market they will come, but if you don’t…