The MS Word Training

wordlogoMS Word is the most-used productivity software in business. Sadly many people do not use it to its full potential due to a lack of training.

With this in mind, H Mueller Design has developed a suite of online Word courses. Each course deals with a specific application of Word in day-to-day business.

The Training

For the purpose of this training, we have created a typical but fictitious small business called Dandy Daffodils Inc. Through these course you will follow how this company applies Word on a daily basis to give their company that professional look.

Each video-based course is practical, taking you step-by step through each project, totally from start to finish. Along the way you will learn a wealth of tips and shortcuts, as well many advanced techniques.

So even if you don’t need to make overhead slides or a brochure at this point in your work, you will still learn a lot from those projects.

The List

Using MS Word Like A Pro is an introductory course and forms the foundation of the other courses. Putting It Together is a review project, applying principles of the other courses to a specific project.

Call To Action

You might think such excellent training must be expensive. Well it is not, but it is a wise investment of your time.

It only costs $8 to become a member of our training site, As a member you can one, two or all the courses!

With such a bargain, be sure to visit and signup today—soon you to will be a MS Word Guru.