The Society VA

the society vaWhen you are a small business, maybe with one or two employees, things can be quite hectic. As a result the office support services often get neglected. Using a virtual assistant can be the answer.

Running a society is also a business. In this post I will show why a virtual assistant is also a good solution for a society.

How Societies Work
A society consists of members and is typically governed by a board or committee. There usually are office bearers including a president, secretary, treasurer and so on. These are normally volunteer positions. The incumbents are often replaced on a two year cycle.

Depending on the nature of the society there are many activities including meetings, newsletters, conferences, websites, minutes, banking and more. Usually one or two people of the board end up “volunteering” to do most of the work—until they burn out, or they are replaced at the next election.

Every time there is a change in the executive team, there typically is a scramble to change the society’s mailing address, bank account and so on.

The Society VA
If you are a large society with many thousand members, then you would typically employ a formal secretariat with full time staff and a physical office. Smaller societies cannot justify a secretariat—but a virtual assistant could easily do all the office support services (mail, minutes, scheduling, website/social media, etc).

This has many advantages:

  • it provides continuity for the society in the face of the regular election cycle changes
  • provides a central location for society data and documents
  • frees up the president and the executive to focus on the conceptual matters of the society
  • it is cost-effective solution as you only pay for actual time used and the overheads are much lower.

An experienced virtual assistant can be a valuable asset for a small business. This is particularly true for many societies, who are effectively small businesses too. So if the above describes your society, consider using a virtual assistant.