MS Word for Self Publishing

I have been asked by several people exactly what do I cover in the first self-publishing workshop.

Whenever I receive a manuscript as a Word document from someone, I usually have to spend a lot of time removing what I call “gremlins“. Most authors have picked up Word on their own and are not aware of the gremlins they introduce. The most common gremlin is using the Enter key for spacing between paragraphs. There are many more such gremlins. So the first part of the workshop focuses on identifying and avoiding common gremlins.

Key to the correct use of Word for book publishing is an understanding of styles and sections. Without styles and sections, it is not possible to have proper page numbering and to create a table of contents. The focus of the second part of the workshop is on styles and sections.

This workshop is very practical. I will illustrate all the concepts with actual documents. If you like, you could bring your laptop and follow the steps using the same documents.