Is Surface 3 Right for You?

Surface 3
Microsoft Surface 3 Tablet

Microsoft has just announced their latest tablet, the Surface 3. It is the smaller sibling to their popular Surface Pro3. Is it the right product for you?

In this post we will consider the merits of this new tablet offering from Microsoft.

About the Surface 3
Basically the Surface 3 is a 10” tablet that can do double duty as a laptop just by snapping on the keyboard cover.

The promotional video below describes the features in more dramatic fashion:

Some of the main features I like is the larger screen size as compared to my older Surface 2 tablet. I also like that it can be charged using a standard smartphone charger.

Then key is that you can install regular Windows programs which you could not do with previous Surface models. So if you use a specific program in your work you can now use it on this tablet!

Should You?
Although billed as “more affordable” it is not cheap. So the first question to ask is do you really need a mobile computer? If you just do the odd checking of emails or websites, then your smartphone may be all you need.

If you do find you often need to do serious computer work while out and about, then the Surface 3 is certainly an option to consider and it is good value for money. Like previous Surface models, this is a quality product. And again, Office 365 and 1TB of cloud storage is included so you will be set for real business computing from the get go.

What are the limitations? Storage. You have a maximum of 4GB of memory and 128GB of hard drive space. That is more than enough for most business tasks, even large spreadsheets. But if you use large programs such as advanced graphics or video editing you will be better off spending the extra money and getting the Surface Pro.

If you have a Surface 2 , should you upgrade? The Surface 2 is still a great tablet and Microsoft said they will still support it for some time and an upgrade to the operating system is in the works. So if it served your mobile computing needs there is no need to upgrade. But if you like to have the latest gadgets and money is no object, you will certainly be able to pass your Surface 2 on to someone else who will be just delighted.