Make Good Videos with Your Windows Phone – Part 5

Lumia 620 on GorillaPod

You can make fantastic videos with your Windows smartphone, even with an entry-level phone like my old Lumia 620. The only limiting factor is not your phone, but would be a lack of knowledge and experience.

In a previous post I mentioned books and online courses as a way of gaining knowledge. But they can’t give you experience—you only gain experience by doing, or as author Anthony Artis put it “Shut up and shoot”!

In this post I will discuss a possible roadmap to getting experience.

The Learning Curve
Have you noticed at the end of a movie, the long list of credits? They list the producer, director, script writer, camera, lighting, sound, make up, and on and on. It takes a lot of different skills to make a movie, and you have to know it all! Don’t underestimate the learning curve.

There is a lot to learn, but if tackled right, it will be both fun and rewarding.

As with most of us, your first videos will not be the best, and that is OK because we learn by doing. Just don’t choose your daughter’s wedding as your first project.

The conundrum is that without some knowledge you can’t begin to shoot video, and without some experience you cannot really appreciate the guidance of the book or course you may be following. You need to do both in parallel. Read extensively while constantly shooting and editing videos.

This way you will have the pleasure of seeing your videos improve with time. Aim to complete at least one video per week.

Learning Projects
If you are totally new to videography, you need to start small. For starters you have to become familiar with:

  • Your phone’s camera app
  • Your editing program
  • General videography concepts.

Start by creating several simple projects, even if they are a little artificial/goofy (see PDF on getting started). Edit these on your laptop or desktop at first as that will be easier. Do show your videos to friends and family to get feedback.

Once you have a few of these starter projects under your belt, people will know you are “into video” and will come to you with project requests. You will be surprised at how many project ideas you can come up with now you have more knowledge and experience.

Final Tip
If you haven’t already, download the Kindle app to your phone—it’s free. Here is a list of eBooks about smartphone videography. So while you are waiting for a bus, or sitting in the doctor’s waiting room, whip out your phone and read about videography!

Don’t worry that they deal mostly with iPhone—there is nothing your Windows phone can’t do as well or better:

  • Making Short Films on your Smartphone – Michael Kaltenbrunner
  • Make iPhone Movies Everybody Loves – Allan Bronstein
  • The 2014 Smartphone Video Toolkit – Howard Hale
  • iPhone Millionaire, how to create and sell cutting edge videos – Michael Rosenblum

Making Good Videos with a Windows Phone

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