Computers for Seniors

surface 2

A search on Amazon lists many books on the topic of “Computers for Seniors”. But are seniors so different? Do we need special computers?

Many computer instructors are young and can rattle off computer lingo like it is going out of fashion. If we then stare at them with a blank expression, it is assumed that seniors are slow on the uptake.

Of course that is not correct. We might be slow getting up from our chairs, but if taught correctly, we are not slow on the uptake! Certainly different things in life are now important so we are likely to use  a computer for different interests.

The Surface 2
An ideal, relatively inexpensive computer for seniors is the Surface 2 tablet from Microsoft. It is easy to carry around, takes up little space in small retirement apartments. No space needed for a mouse or keyboard.

And it has all the programs we need already built-in – no need to buy anything else. One can watch movies, email the grand kids, look up the latest news, take a photo or video at an anniversary, write our memoir, and much, much more.

They say the Surface 2 does not have all the “apps”. What is an app – half an apple? OK, so we don’t really know what the fuss is about apps but with over a 100,000 available we will not live long enough to try out a fraction of them. But what we really need, it is all there and then some. One could get the Kindle app, at no cost, and have access to millions of books.

With the right guidance, seniors can certainly learn what they need and it can make their life more complete.