Industry 4.0

Hannover-Messe-Logo_image_fullWhat on earth is Industry 4.0? It is a term coined by Hannover Messe, one of the most important industrial tradeshows today.

Essentially there have been four phases in industry starting with the industrial revolution. Today we are in the phase where information systems plays a major part, hence Industry 4.0.    Not surprisingly, the Internet of Things (IoT) features prominently at this year’s Hannover Messe.

Let Us Do Lettuce
A fascinating application of IoT is described on Microsoft’s blog as follows:

“One thing that will become clear this week: IoT is cutting across a wider range of industries than we’ve seen in the past. Fujitsu is bringing together its Eco-Management Dashboard, IoT/M2MP platform, Microsoft cloud services, and Windows tablets in a way that can enable managers, engineers, and scientists to improve product quality, streamline systems, and enhance functionality while reducing costs. For example, at its facility in Aizu Wakamatsu, Japan, Fujitsu is able to grow lettuce that is both delicious and low in potassium so that it can be consumed by dialysis patients and people with chronic kidney disease. They can track all of the plant info from their Windows tablets through the cloud. These solutions will also be able to help other agriculture and manufacturing companies transform their businesses through innovation.”

Who would have thought IOT and lettuce go together?

The Takeaway
Our world is changing rapidly. Because of the IoT there is plenty of opportunity for innovation. New West has plenty of innovative people. If one can grow lettuce, maybe one can track Fraser salmon too…?

Miele Smartoven
The Miele smartoven helping you cook