Will Your Idea Succeed?

brightideaOne of the pleasures of being an entrepreneur is thinking up new business ideas. Then you dash off and implement it.

Oh, oh, it does seem to be working. I am not getting any results. It must have been a bad idea.

Well, not necessarily. Let’s look at how to know if it is working of not.

Most business ideas do not produce instant results – it takes time for it to be established. If you had really “dashed off” to implement your idea without doing proper planning, then it is quite possible that you would not know if your idea is working.

If you don’t see any results and you give up without giving it enough time, then it is a certain way to kill what is otherwise a great idea.

So if things are slow (slower than you hoped), remind yourself of why you were so fired-up about the idea in the first place. That should help you to give the idea a chance to develop.

This is where planning really helps. If you have mapped out how the idea will grow over time, then you can judge better if you are still on track with your idea.

For more information on how to do your plan, visit the Small Business BC website. It does not matter if it is a business idea or a project for your society, or your upcoming vacation, planning is the key, and the principles of planning are the same.