Windows on my Phone

nokia 620I tried Windows 8 and I hated it.

And now I have Windows 8 on my phone! That’s right, I have replaced my Samsung with a Nokia Lumia 620.

I never really mastered the Android interface but lately I have been playing with a Surface tablet to see if it could be a good platform for teaching computers (see my previous post). In the process I found Windows 8 being more likeable the more I used it.

So then the penny dropped. I now also know how to use a Windows phone. Not only that, I get the same access to Skydrive, the Office Applications, and more. As a strategy Windows 8 started to make sense to me.

As my budget is tight, I bought the phone through Amazon. It is not the top of the range of Windows phones but it suited my purposes. Oh my, then I discovered I had to assemble, install the SIM card, and activate the phone myself. It was a learning curve but only took about a half hour to do. I am quite proud of myself.

I certainly plan on putting online courses together for both the Surface and the Windows phone, and how one can use them together. This appears to be rather tricky as one operates the devices by touch. So I am planning a setup where I will have a video camera pointing to the devices. Hmmm, more on that later too.