Word of Mouth Marketing

Word of Mouth MarketingThis is the one thing you are doing while not doing it—. Just what do I mean?

Let’s take a closer look at word of mouth marketing.

What it is

Word of mouth happens when one person tells another person something. In the business context, we understand that to mean people talking about you, your product or service.

Word of mouth marketing (WOMM) is more than that. It where you actively influence and encourage it (see a more detailed description in this Wiki article) . It is a well research field of marketing, there even is a formal association (WOMMA)

How To Do It

The word of mouth that happens naturally, is potentially good and is free so it is certainly something small businesses should take note of. The problem with natural word of mouth is that you have no control over it, and you certainly can get bad/damaging word of mouth.

Here are three keys to consider

  1. Be Sociable
    You need to be “out there” before people can talk about you. So you need to attend functions and be on social media. And when you are out there, be sociable—on the other side of the keyboard or phone is a person just like you who appreciates being treated properly.
  2. Be Credible
    Whatever you do, you need to be credible and reliable. Always deliver what you promised and then some.
  3. Contribute
    Always be willing to make a contribution, both to your business community, and the general community. For example, be willing to give talks at chamber of commerce meetings, or if public speaking is not your thing, write useful articles.


Word of mouth will happen, but with some careful consideration you can turn it into word of mouth marketing and make it work for you.

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