RIP Windows

windows-8-logoWindows don’t do windows anymore. That’s why I believe “Windows 8” is an unfortunate misnomer.

There was a lot of talk that the new Microsoft operating system would be called “Metro”. Unfortunately that conflicted with a company in Europe, Metro AG, and the name was dropped.

Why do I think it is a misnomer? Well, it no longer does windows. Programs (now called apps) open full screen and not in a window. To access the various commands, one has to swipe from one of the screen edges.

Do I miss the traditional window with its title bar and “File, Edit, View etc.”? Not on my phone, there I am quite happy to do the “swipe” thing. Same is true for my tablet.

Of course, for all the heavy-weight programs like Photoshop one still needs those Windows. But there is an app for that, called “Desktop”. This app simulates the older Windows interface which allows you to run programs (that were designed for the Windows 7 and earlier operating environment) on Windows 8 computers.

Does it really matter that the new operating system is called Windows 8? Not really – however from an instructor’s point of view I believe it leads to incorrect expectations and makes it harder to explain the new touch screen environment.