Why Buy a Windows Tablet?

surface 2Why would one buy a Surface tablet, i.e. one that runs Windows 8?

I was looking into the Surface 2 so that I could help a friend who had just bought one. I  have found other tablets rather difficult to use so I was not all that keen to look at this one.

Easy to use
First, as you would expect, I did a YouTube search and watched Why I Love my Microsoft Surface 2 : Tips and Tricks and was quite intrigued.

To my surprise I found it to be very intuitive as I am already quite used to the Windows operating system.

Then I looked at the features. Even the entry-level unit (which I bought) included the Office suite. Now that I thought was excellent value for money. For a few hundred dollars one has a very portable, powerful unit that one can use to watch movies, read a book, and still be able to do some serious computer work!

No apps?
From my research it seems the main complaint was that there were only 100,000 apps for the Surface. Oh my – as I do not play games I did not think this was a problem for me. I started looking at what apps were available and after 10 minutes of browsing I realized that there were apps for everything I do and then some.

computingMy plans
The Surface is super easy to carry with me and to connect to any widescreen TV. So I believe it is an ideal tool for teaching. I found an interesting book, Computing for Seniors in Easy Steps, that uses the Surface as the training vehicle. That triggered a whole train of thought for me.

So in a nutshell, that is why I bought a Microsoft tablet.