Is WordPress Right for You?

WordPress LogoSo you need a website for your business or organization, is WordPress the right way to go? Probably. Will you be able to build your website yourself? Possibly.


Using WordPress has many advantages – for that reason our website is based on WordPress. One of the advantages is that it does allow the website owner to add and modify content more easily than a traditional website.

Secondly, because of its popularity there are many resources available, and if your web designer is no longer available, you will easily find someone else who could take over looking after your website.

Another important advantage is that it is easy to add more functionality with WordPress’s plugin system.

Do It Yourself?

Could you install and use WordPress yourself? Anyone with basic computer skills can learn how to do it. If you search for “WordPress” on Amazon, you will find dozens of books and ebooks with titles like “Build your own website in a few hours”.

This can be quite misleading. While WordPress is indeed easy to use if you already have some webdesign knowledge, there is nevertheless a steep learning curve if you are just beginning:

  • A website is about content. The hardest part of using WordPress is to understand how it manages content and how that relates to your website.
  • Before you can build your website, you need to set up a webhosting account and install WordPress, and register a domain name. Once your website is built, there are the housekeeping aspects that apply to all website platforms like search engine optimization.

These things are not rocket science so you would be able to master them but don’t underestimate the learning curve.

Our Recommendation

  1. WordPress is definitely the way to go for most website requirements.
  2. If you are determined to build it yourself, then do look at some of the many online tutorials such as Bluehost , and Tyler Moore.
  3. A practical solution is to get your web designer to build your website using WordPress and then to show you how to look after the content yourself.