Cloud-first: what does it mean?

Microsoft recently announced that it is a cloud-first organization. What does that mean?

Well, basically it means that their focus will be on cloud computing. OK, I know that does not make it any clearer. For decades already we have represented large computer networks using a cloud graphic. That is certainly true for the Internet as shown below.


A computer connected to the cloud that provides some kind of service, is referred to as a “server”. A computer that hosts a website is called a web server. That is a very basic service that one accesses via the “cloud”.

A much more advanced cloud computing service that we are all familiar with is Google’s search engine.

searchengineGoogle does a lot of cloud computing in this example. For more information on how the Internet works, be sure to download our free ebook “The Internet for Non-Techies”.

Microsoft provides several cloud services already including OneDrive, and Office 365. So we can expect to see greater emphasis on these services.

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