Creating Video Biographies

 When I first thought about doing video biographies, I wished I had done this for my own family. But I did not know how and the technology was not available then.

But this is something you can do now, so don’t wait. Imagine how you’d feel about this 20 years from now. Who wouldn’t love to know more about their grandparents or other family members they might remember only as child? What’s better than to hear their words directly?

One of the primary reasons to create these products is as a gift or legacy to family members, grandchildren or future generations.

And for people who don’t have children, this can be a way to tell others some of their accomplishments and how they made a difference. Some may want to have a biography video to celebrate a birthday, anniversary or other important life event as we discussed previously. For some it will appeal to the ego.

A while ago my cousin asked me to make a video biography for her. We had a lot fun one long weekend, going through old photographs, shooting video, and making bloopers. Sadly she passed away tragically only months later – I am so glad that we had captured her story when we did. To give you some sense of what a video biography could look like, I respectfully include an extract of her biography below.

If you would like to know more about video biographies, please contact me.