Video for Small Business

Can small businesses promote their business with video? And the next question, should you?


Video is a very effective, affordable way to promote your business. Because your videos will be both on your website and YouTube, you get double the exposure. Most people prefer watching a video than to read on-line.

And your videos do not need to be super professional either – as long as viewers can see that you are genuine.

Popular types of video for small businesses and organizations include:

  • introducing yourself and your business
  • frequently asked questions
  • client testimonials
  • how-t0 videos

Video can work for you in many ways. In addition to being on your website, you could email a video to a client, put a portfolio of your work/products on a DVD, or even a thumb drive keyring.

So, whether you are a hairdresser, plumber, realtor, dentist, craft store, nursery – video can work for you. If you would like to learn more please contact us. We would be happy to put a proposal together or set up a demonstration.