A Plug For Books

Books On WordPressHow do you teach an old dog (like me) new tricks?

Or put differently, how does one stay up to date with technology, especially when one is working full-time? It is a never-ending task! I check out videos on YouTube and take online courses through lynda.com.

My Favourite Way

But I am a book lover and books are  my favourite way of staying up to date.

This is my reasoning. I can work through a book at my own pace, whenever, and wherever I want. Each book is the equivalent of many hours of training and yet they only cost about 20 dollars or so – that in my view is a bargain.

I do prefer printed books that I can mark up, dog-ear, whatever, but being budget-conscious I have started buying ebooks too.

So I buy many books. The photo shows a small selection of just my WordPress books.

Some are good and others are less good. Even with the bad books, I find that I am still able to learn something.

My Recommendations

By popular request I have started a section on my website where I review books that I have found particularly useful. Be sure to check it out.

A big thank you to the many authors who take the time and effort to share their knowledge by writing books! And to Amazon for making it so easy to buy books.