How To Make A WordPress Website Responsive

Responsive Web DesignIn a previous post we talked about why it is important that your website be responsive and we looked at three example websites.

So the question is, just how does one make your website responsive?

Mobile Plugins

There are several approaches. A quick and dirty approach is to install plugin that will display your site better on a cell phone. Popular choices are WPTouch, WP Mobile Detector, and WP Mobile Pack.

Responsive Themes

The next common approach is to use a WordPress theme that is already responsive. For some time now the default themes that come with WordPress have been responsive (TwentyEleven, TwentyTwelve, and TwentyThirteen).

Design Your Content

The solutions mentioned above, while useful, are in themselves not optimal. Rather than considering mobile users as a nuisance that you somehow have to accommodate, they represent a new opportunity.

One needs to design one’s website content specifically to use the many exciting new features provided by mobile devices.


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