My Word!

MS Word LogoWhat is the most used software by most organizations and businesses? It is certainly Microsoft Word.

Word is an extremely powerful tool that can do so much for your business. Sadly it is also the most misused and underutilized program. Why is that?

One reason is that many people never received any training in using Word, they sort of picked it up on their own.

Another reason is that even if you did take a course, the courses are not really helpful. They teach you all the options and commands of Word, whether you need them or not – and there are many! But the courses never seem to teach how to use Word to do real-world tasks.

With this in mind I have developed a series of practical Word courses that are project-based, showing you how to do a task from start to finish. Be sure to try out our introductory course, Using MS Word Like A Pro, it is totally free and will really surprise you pleasantly.