Why and What to Blog?

In a previous post I explored the different technologies one can use to tell your story. One of these was the blog. From questions that I was asked, it was apparent that many people were not clear about what a blog was. So in this article I will explore blogging in more detail.

A blog is not as mysterious as it sounds. Basically it is a website where you write articles as web pages. Websites based on Blogger or WordPress provides you with the tools to write your articles and save them in the website. The articles are saved chronologically. When you save an article we refer to it as “posting” the article.

The “why blog” will provide the clue as to “what to blog“. In other social media tools like Facebook and Twitter, one tends to write short bits of a few lines. Replies are even shorter. Basically it is like having a conversation over a cup of coffee – one  is being social.

Why Blog?

By contrast blog articles are longer. Because they are longer, one can explore a topic more fully. So blog articles tend to be more thought out. Often they require considerable research. They take time to read, so you have to write them well enough that it will be worth people’s time to read. All of this spells WORK.

What to Blog?

Because blog articles require work, you need to stick to a topic or range of topics that you are passionate about and therefore will be willing to put in the effort required. Whether it is work related, or your hobby, you must be willing to put in the time! Personally I have a blog, jesusinnewwest.org, which takes many hours a week to write and manage.

While it helps, you don’t necessarily have to be an expert on the topic, but you must be willing then to do some research. So it is not just time one puts in, one also has to add value. When you are willing to invest the time and do the research, then your blog will be tremendously helpful for people with similar interests.

How to Blog

Here are some articles on how to write good blog content.

And some ebooks:

In Summary

Hopefully this blog article will make the point that blog articles are 1) longer, 2) more thought out/structured, 3) more researched, and 4) add value. So what are you waiting for – you have a blog in you!