Give Yourself a Break

surface 2I have been teaching people how to use tablet computers, like the iPad and the Surface. What struck me was how frustrated people are when they find it difficult.

But there is a good reason for it. While you may be able to use your desktop computer to get things done, you now have to learn THREE new things:

  1. ipada new computer (the hardware)
  2. a new operating system
  3. a new way of computing


samsung tabletSo take it easy, you are entitled to struggle and get frustrated, there is a new, steep learning curve.

A Learning Strategy
Once you understand that, then one can figure out an effective learning strategy. Like climbing Mount Everest, it is always one step at a time. So don’t try and learn everything at once, learn one topic at a time. Then the more you use it, the easier it becomes to learn additional things.

When you think about it, that’s how you learned to use your desktop computer and that did not happen overnight either…



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