The Wonder of OneNote

OneNoteAs part of upgrading to Office 2013 I found OneNote included but no Outlook. That just did not make sense. Who uses OneNote – what does it even do, I wondered…?

I had seen it on my phone and my tablet, but I use yellow stickies for notes anyway.

Somehow I was prompted to find out what OneNote was all about. For sure, one can use it for old fashioned notes and that is what I did initially – I put my grocery shopping list on OneNote on my phone.

But it does so much more. It keeps record of all your information, no matter what format it is in. It could be a photo, a hand scribbled note, a spreadsheet etc. No more looking for where is that document that I save somewhere…

So OneNote is an ideal management tool for book and video projects. It is especially useful if you work with a team of people and have to attend meetings.

So now that the rainy season is upon us, take some time out over a weekend and look into OneNote.

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