Technology in Education

edtechI believe in the use of technology in education. One of the most inspiring education websites is the Kahn Academy – their mantra is that you can learn anything, anywhere for free forever – and this is made possible by the use of technology.

That said, I think we need to be very careful about putting too much emphasis on technology as the miracle cure for education.

The sellers of technology are very effective in promoting their products in a way that one can see just how it can be used for teaching. And, as a gadget lover, my toes curl over…

The reality sets in when one looks at the cost, and just how quickly the gadget/program will become outdated and superseded by something else.

No matter how many smiling kids we see around the device in the promotional material, it is not where the emphasis should be.

Education is not a business where you can measure results by the “bottom line”. Education is about relationships. It is about teachers being there to support students, to help them believe in themselves.


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