Why Online Training Is Worth It

There are a lot of free videos on the Web. But a video on YouTube, no matter how good, does not an online course make!

What does it take?
When developing a course, I use many years of adult education experience to develop the outline of the course. The course is designed to meet specific learning outcomes for the student. This part of the development often takes the most time.

Next I spend days selecting and testing the course materials. They have to be suitable for the course objectives.

Then the course is taught live and revised based on the feedback received. Finally the course videos are recorded, edited and uploaded to the site. Each course takes two to three weeks to create.

So finally…
Clearly a properly designed online course is much more than just a YouTube video. You can know that the time and money you invest when taking an online course is really worth it!

Why not try one of our courses and see for yourself

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