About Surface 2 Tablet

Surface 2 TabletI was talking to a sales person the other day about the Surface 2 and he was quick to suggest I rather get the iPad. While I concede the iPad is a good product, I don’t think it is the best option for small businesses so I quizzed him. I was surprised to find out how little he knew about the Surface. So I wondered how many people have bought other types of tablets because the sales people are not informed?

I found this excellent video by Alan Peto on YouTube where he quite eloquently describes the advantages of the Surface tablet:

Is the Microsoft Surface 2 Tablet Everything You Need?

One of the arguments that sales person had was that the Surface 2 does not run old windows programs. Well that is true but it is missing the point. I found this rather well put together video by Sean Ong in defense of the Surface 2 (ie the RT rather than Pro version):

Five Ways Windows RT is Better than Full Windows