Microsoft’s Cloud

OneDriveMicrosoft gave a fascinating presentation today about its cloud services. It was in English but I think I only understood every second word!

What impressed me most was the scope of their services – so I would like to share with you what I have learned today. You can view their presentation here…

19 Regions Worldwide
To make the cloud possible, Microsoft has interconnected datacenters in 19 regions around the world. That allows for geo-reliability. A natural, or unnatural, disaster in one region will not bring the entire cloud down.

Each datacenter consists of up to 16 buildings, where each building can house two jumbo jets!

Each region has approximately 600,000 servers – not little PCs but top of the line computers.

Must Watch Video
These data centres nees a lot of power and cooling and that is provided for. This mind-boggling video gives one a better sense of the scope of the cloud.

The Cloud


Mostly the cloud is used by major corporations to provide services to their customers. Microsoft uses its own cloud to provide for example Office 365 and the Bing search engine.

VCloud_computingirtual Computing
The attraction of the cloud is that it makes available “virtual computers”. The size and capacity of this computer varies according to demand. During quiet times, the spare capacity in the cloud is freed up for other users who might be experiencing peak demand.

The big computing task of a corporation running on a virtual machine, might in actuality be distributed over several physical servers in the datacenter.

If you are interested in a more technical discussion on cloud computing, be sure to read this Wiki article.

Hope you were as impressed as I was by the shear scope of the cloud.