Best Ways to Promote Your Website

SEOSo you have a great new website for your organization or business. There are so many good websites these days, how will people find yours?

I regularly get emails from all over the world offering search engine optimization (SEO) services. They typically guarantee that you will get top ranking in search engines like Bing and Google. Is that your answer, the best investment for your scarce resources?

In this post I will discuss three effective ways of promoting your websites.

1 – Useful Information
The most effective technique to promote your website is to have good, useful information on your website. It must be worthwhile for people to visit your website. Search engines LOVE good, new, fresh content. There is no point in promoting a website that is not worth visiting.

This is therefore the number one area where you should allocate your scarce resources!

2 – Print Media
The next most important technique is to use print media. Make sure that your website address (URL) is on absolutely ALL your print materials. This includes your letterheads, business cards, catalogs,  on your car and trucks, and so on. For most of us our target audience is local.

So print media is a very cost-effective way of bringing you website address to the attention of your target audience.

3 – Email
Email is still a very powerful way of promoting your website. As a minimum you should have your website address in your email signature.

You should build up an opt-in mailing list so that you can send people who have opted in, regular informative email newsletters. People cannot ignore an email as it is sitting there in their inbox. If well designed, and useful you will get people’s attention.

Main Obstacle
The main obstacle preventing most of us from using these techniques to promote our websites is that it involves a certain amount of work. In an upcoming post I will address ways of minimizing the work and to stretch your resources.