Getting to Know a Program

book-cover-3dHow does one get to know a new program? You can buy a How to book or go to computer classes. In the end there is no shortcut, one learns by experience.

As an instructor I have found that the more I teach the better I get to know the program! I learn as I prepare the courses and also learn by helping the students.

Adobe Elements is a powerful suite of programs that are ideal for everyday graphic and video tasks of a small business. Even though they are the “lite” version of Adobe’s graphic programs they are still very powerful and that translates into a learning curve!

You need to know now
If you have a task that has to be done by tomorrow, you can’t wait until you have experience. So what to do? It is with that in mind that we have developed our Adobe Elements for Small Business series of courses.

You have a task, simply look through our list of Adobe Elements courses and choose the once closest to your needs. The beauty is that the courses are available 24/7 and are super affordable.

For example, let’s say you need to promote a special event so you need a website, a poster, and so on. Well, we have just created a course Promoting a Book with Photoshop Elements that covers exactly that – to see the graphics we created visit