Smart Recorder

Mini Audio RecorderIn a previous post (Sound Reasons) I wrote about the audio capabilities of Lumia smartphones.

The audio recording capability normally kicks in when you record video. However there are times when needs the sound only, like recording a meeting or and important announcement.

Fortunately there are several apps for Windows Phone that make this possible.

The one I like is the Mini Recorder. For one it is free. But mostly because it is so simple to use – they state “Made with the focus on the minimalistic design and great user experience, it becomes the tool of choice for taking any kind of audio notes” – I found that to be true.

It is really quick to start recording something and will work even while the phone is still locked. Just remember to turn off all notifications before the time if you can. Nobody ever phones or texts you until I start a recording!

When you are done recording, you can save it to your phone or upload it to DropBox or OneDrive. The online option is handy because I mostly do the editing on my desktop computer afterwards (there are audio editors available for smartphones but your phone has to have enough memory  and my Lumia 620 does not).

For best results, have your phone as close to the person speaking as possible. You may even want to put it on the podium if possible (put it on some foam or paper towels to absorb any noise from the podium).



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