Why Choose the Lumia 830?

The Lumia 830There have been several blog posts and reviews on the Lumia 830 stating that it was too expensive! As if they really know what went into the design of the 830!

As a result I have also been asked why I covet this phone. I will try and explain…

Slow Processor

A big argument raised by the naysayers is that the processor in the 830 is the same as in the lower cost 730 and now even the 530.  Therefore it should be priced closer to those phones.

While that is true that the processor is the same, it is in fact quite adequate for what is needed in a phone. I have been using a Lumia 620 which has a much slower, older processor and it works just fine! By comparison the 830’s quad core processor is a quantum step up for me. So really it is not an argument. The processor does not determine the price.

However, the Lumia 830 comes 16GB of memory which is important for performance. It also has a MicroSD memory card slot for extra storage and of course there is OneDrive.

Size Factor

Stylus My first mobile flip phone from Telus had a small green screen and I had a hard time reading the phone numbers on it.

Then I replaced it with the Lumia 620 whose screen is amazingly clear and bright – what a relief! But at just over three and a half inches it is still on the small side. Reading is no problem and one can always zoom in if needed. However, typing with my fat fingers turned out to be a problem. This I solved using a stylus – that was a great discovery.

Much has been written about smartphone size. Once the size becomes too big it is called a phablet – a cross between a phone and a tablet, which is easy to read but awkward to lug around. It seems that 5 inches is the optimum or so called sweet spot in screen size. That is another reason for me with challenged eyesight to consider the 830.

The bigger size of the 830 allows for a larger battery to be used in the phone – a definite plus when one uses the phone all day.

Making a larger phone strong enough is a challenge that has been elegantly solved in the 830. It uses a tough metal frame for strength, but still maintains the modern European design style that Lumia phones are known for.

Productivity Centre

Microsoft Screen Sharing For Lumia Phones – HD-10The Lumia phones have all the business and entertainment apps that I need. The Lumia 620 now goes with me wherever I go. The apps are intuitive because they are Windows-based.

The 830 has the same suite of productivity apps, with the latest operating system, and includes wireless charging and large screen projection – productivity features that are important for when one is on the go a lot.

The Deal Maker – OIS

830-camera-componentsFor me it is the optical stabilization that makes the difference. You see, I am approaching my 70th birthday and I am no longer as steady as I used to be.

Nokia first introduced optical image stabilization (OIS) in the Lumia 920. With OIS the camera detects shaky movements common in handheld devices and corrects for that.

In low light situations in particular, when the lens is kept open longer to allow more light to come into the sensor, the image is then even more sensitive to camera movement. Then OIS really helps.

Basically gyroscopic-type sensors detect the movement of the camera. The electronics then reposition the lens by using rapid-acting actuators (also called motors). This is illustrated in the Lumia 920 video below.

What is truly amazing is that the Lumia team together with Zeiss have been able to build all that into a phone as slim as the 830 – and for that price. No wonder it is billed as an affordable flagship smartphone! Kudos to them!


Even without the Zeiss camera with OIS, the 830 is an excellent, classy handheld computer that can also phone and do texting and with the included software is worth the price.

Add to that the magnificent camera and you have an affordable flagship.