Cost-effective Training Option

Here is a new cost-effective way to learn computers; a way that really works – one-on-one with a computer expert who really knows how to teach!

This is how it works. You choose the training you need, we schedule a suitable time. You bring your laptop and we get cracking!

The cost is only $35 per hour. If you bring a friend, the cost is shared so you both save.

Popular Courses

  • Proper Formatting in MS Word
  • Using the iPad
  • Using Windows 8
  • Build your own website
  • Edit wedding and vacation videos

Why this training?

I have been teaching computers for many many years. I retired when night vision problems prevented me from driving to nightschool. I continued to give classes to clients and friends one on one. They all stated that it was the most useful training they have ever had, and urged me to make the training available to more.

– “Trying to take my video clips from my camera and make them into an entertaining, quality, short presentation to show my friends and family was giving me huge challenges. I knew how to do some things so didn’t want to go to a “beginner” class where my questions might not be answered for a few sessions, if at all. I wanted some one on one instruction that was tailored just for what I wanted to know. Heidi came to my recue and within 3 hours I was working with my Adobe Elements software making videos with confidence that I was proud to share.”

Rainy Kent
Giro di Burnaby Manager

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