Software for Small Business

Image_AcrossDevices_558x272In the “old days” MS Word was probably the most essential software product that small business would use for every day work. Of course there also were email and accounting programs.

For that reason we have created many online courses showing how to apply MS Word to everyday tasks in a small business or organization.

There are still tasks that are outside the scope of Word, and there we looked at the accessory programs that were included with Windows, like MS Paint and Movie Maker, and we designed several courses around them.

While they allowed one to do most of what a small organization would need, they are limited. So we recommended Adobe Elements which gives you a quantum leap in capability, without breaking the bank. Again we have created many case study courses using Adobe Elements for various small business applications.

Then along came Office 365, which is a subscription service, and changes everything. Because Office 365 is a tax-deductable expense it is worthwhile getting it. With your subscription you get all the Office suite components, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, Outlook and OneNote. So theoretically you can do so much more now.

But, included with such a powerhouse of programs, is a steep learning curve!