Backpack Video Journalism

A BackpackJust what is backpack video journalism (BVJ) and why should I be writing about it? BVJ is a relatively new subset of video journalism.

This post will explore how BVJ can apply to senior citizens.

Video Journalism
Traditionally a journalist would write about a news item and it would be published in a newspaper.

Then with the advent of TV, the journalist would write a story, usually read by the news anchor, and then supplemented with a video clip of some kind.

We have all seen the images of the journalist, microphone in hand, interviewing a person on scene. Next to her is the camera person. with the monster of a camera on his shoulder, shooting the video.

This is still how much video journalism is conducted. These days the video has increasingly become the main feature of the story, rather than just a supplement.

Backpack Video Journalist
Enter BVJ. This is a journalist who does everything. He or she writes the script, does the video shoot and interviews, and finally does the editing and uploading of the video.

Because video equipment has become lighter and cheaper, it is now possible to pack everything you need (smartphone, accessories, tablet computer) in a backpack, hence the term.

BVJ and Seniors
Because the equipment has become lightweight and more affordable,  it also means that a senior citizen is quite capable of grabbing the backpack and go and capture the story! And for the most part we have time on our hands. That is the first part of the equation.

The second part relates to identifying the story that needs to be told. In our everyday lives, we see, experience and discuss things most young journalists would know nothing about. So potentially the senior BVJ can make an important contribution to news gathering because of our unique perspective.

We are after all a growing demographic with disposable income (tongue in cheek) that advertisers like.

Backpack video journalism is a very real, exciting possibility for retired seniors. Yes, there is a learning curve but we are just old, not unintelligent. We are quite capable of learning all the ins and outs of BVJ—just don’t rush us, we like to take our time.

If you think this is something you could be interested in, please do let me know.
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