Essential Videos for Your Organization

videos-your-small-business-must-have-660x369[1]My attention was drawn to a recent excellent article in Small Business Trends stating that there were three types of video each small businesses should have.

What caught my interest was not so much the valid points made but rather the very humorous image (shown on the right) that went with the article.

The Videos Needed
Basically the article stressed again the effectiveness of video for promoting a business or organization. Specifically they recommend the following three video types:

  • organization overview
  • product/service demo
  • customer testimonial

Potential Problem
Granted, the focus of the article is the need for the videos and not how to make them. However, in the introduction they state “You can use your smartphone to do a simple video…” and the photo shows several people shooting video, while holding the smartphone incorrectly with money falling from the sky.

Humorous perhaps, but it can leave the impression that making these videos with your smartphone is easy.

Yes, you can shoot these videos with a smartphone, but no, it is not easy. If not done well, the videos will detract from, rather than enhance your organization’s image.

Points to Consider
The following points should be kept in mind when making these videos:

  • importance of your brand/image
  • consistency
  • proper storyboard/structure
  • professional look is important

Yes, these three videos will help promote your organization or business. And yes, you could potentially do it yourself using a smartphone.

If you want to know more, we have several online courses on how to shoot video for small organizations on our training website  In particular if you are considering using your smartphone, look at the course Shooting With Your Smartphone.