YouTube, Truth or Lie?

I watched an excellent YouTube promotional video yesterday entitled “Video helps every business play big”. In the short video a number of small business owners tell how putting video on YouTube has changed their business for the better.

Is this promotion truthful though? Well, yes and no. Will putting video on YouTube help your business? I would like to say definitely yes, however I should say, potentially yes.

The YouTube promotional video is excellent. A small business owner might be tempted to think he or she could shoot some video (with their new DSLR camera – it does video doesn’t it?) and put it on YouTube. In YouTube’s accompanying article ( they even state it is as easy as 1, 2, 3! And that is not truthful.

Making a video of the quality of the YouTube promo requires a lot of skill and specialized equipment: from developing the script, to setting up the scenes, shooting the video, editing the video, and finally publishing and promoting the video.

YouTube Promotional Video

The bottom line? Quality videos on YouTube can enhance your business. Thinking that anyone can “shoot some video” and that will enhance your business is not correct!

If you would like to know more about how YouTube can help your business, be sure to contact us.