Article Writing Tools

toolsWe have covered different aspects about writing articles as a way of promoting your website. Up until now we looked at the structure to follow, how to find topic ideas, and the importance of scheduling. Sure, it is still WORK but really rewarding.

In this post we will consider four tools you could use to make the task easier.

1 Create Folders
In no time you will have written several articles, and will be working on new ones. Soon there will be files everywhere!

It is useful to start with at least one folder called, for example, Website Articles. I tend to create subfolders for each article as well.

You might have more than one draft of an article, as well as several images that you are considering. It is helpful to keep all these together in its own folder.

2 Write Off-line
Develop your article in your favourite word processor first. That gives you powerful spelling and grammar tools and an easy way to move things around. Don’t worry too much about formatting at this stage.

Once you are happy with the article, you can copy and paste the text into WordPress’ post editor. Then you can do the final formatting and upload and place the images.

3 Take Notes
There are useful apps like OneNote and Evernote that you can use to take notes for articles that you are working on. However, I find having a small old fashioned notebook like a Moleskine, to work just fine.

So when you sit in Starbucks and you get an idea, create a note straight away. Often doing that will lead you to the next idea.

4 Collect Images
When you are working on an article, use the Images feature of Bing or Google to look for suitable images. When you find something you like, save it into the corresponding article folder.

Typically I collect several images and then often create my own using ideas from the images I have downloaded. One can easily create interesting graphics using the graphic tools included in Word.

Writing articles is key to promoting your website or blog. In this series of articles we have discussed points to keep in mind to make the task easier and to save you time.

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