Exciting New Word Course

From posts to whitepaperWe have created an exciting new Word online course From Posts to Whitepaper.

As we have been discussing , using an email newsletter is an important part of promoting a website. To enable this, one adds a sign-up form on your website. On the form one has to offer some free incentive to encourage the viewer to sign up.

Many Useful Techniques
In this Word course we show how to create pdf whitepaper to be used as the sign-up form incentive.

In addition, the seven lesson course covers a wide range of Word techniques that will be useful for other projects as well.

Leveraging Articles
The course covers a second aspect. Over time one writes many useful articles on your website news or blog. If they deal with the same subject, one could collate them into a whitepaper and so leverage the work that has gone into writing the articles. In this course we copy blog posts from this website into a Word document to create a whitepaper entitled Practical Website Promotion.

Click here to go to the course page to learn more.

The course will be followed up with a companion WordPress course Email Marketing for your Website (coming soon).