One on One Computer Training

Need more than dogged determinationMany of you are familiar with our online training courses but may not be aware that we offer one on one computer training as well. Why would we do that? Because it is simply the best.

I have taught classes in a computer lab setting for many years, and have taken classes myself. Mostly they have been helpful but oh so slow-going. You end up learning some things you already know and many things you don’t need.

That is where one on one training really shines.

When you work with a knowledgeable teacher then you learn exactly what you need, and at your pace.  A good teacher will quickly identify problem areas you might have and resolve them straight away.

Isn’t it expensive, you may ask? No, because you learn faster and exactly what you need, this training is actually very cost-effective.

One on One students say they feel more relaxed. There is no peer pressure. No questions are stupid questions. The sense of achievement is empowering. They confess they are even having fun.

Range of Training
What do you need to learn? Whether it is an introduction to computers, how to write an eBook, or even advanced programming, we’ve got you covered.

For more information
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