OneNote Eureka

FrustratedFinally the penny dropped, OneNote is not a note taking program! Thinking note taking is misleading and has prevented many from considering OneNote. It is just a program for students after all…?

In this post I will present a model for understanding what OneNote really is—a powerful, essential tool for today’s organizations.

The Penny
I have been researching tools for project management for small businesses and have been looking at OneNote. I read blogs, took online courses, considered case studies and whitepapers but I was getting nowhere—my mind was stuck on note taking!

The Real OneNote Model
Imagine that you are at an important meeting and you need a specific document. No problem, you have your filing cabinet mounted on wheels and you have lugged it with you to the meeting.

So you lean back, open the second drawer, slide your finger to the fifth file hanger, and pull out the file folder and take out the needed document. Handy, huh?!

Well, OneNote is your mobile filing cabinet! The Cloud are the wheels.

That’s right. Each “notebook” is a drawer in the cabinet, the “sections” are file hangers, the “pages” are the file folders. You can put anything in the file folder: documents, scanned receipts, emails, etc.

So you don’t need a filing cabinet on wheels, your smartphone or tablet will do.

Back to my project management tools for small business quest. No, OneNote is not the tool – it is a filing cabinet remember, filing cabinets don’t do project management. Outlook is the tool for task management, Word creates your reports, Excel tracks the expenses. OneNote is where you file the information.

Got a brainwave for that new job? Jot it on a yellow sticky and stick it to the file folder—no need, OneNote can do that too.