Scheduling Your Article Writing

Scheduling Your Article WritingSo far in our series on promoting your website by writing articles, we have looked at the structure and how to find topics.

For most of us writing an article is a challenge. Why that is I am not sure. So the temptation to procrastinate is very real. The bottom line is that if you do not plan to write, you probably won’t.

In this post we discuss how to go about scheduling your article writing to make the process much easier.

Why Schedule?
There is something about having a fixed routine that really helps to give one direction. Once one gets into a groove, then even the writing becomes less of a challenge.

From a marketing point of view it is also important. When a potential client sees that regular informative articles are posted on the website, it inspires a certain level of confidence in your organization.

How Often to Schedule
Our objective is to promote our website, not to subject ourselves to torture. How often you write depends on your business and your workload. One article per week is excellent, two articles per month should be easily doable, one article per month is still effective but one should not go less frequent than that.

Some articles take more work than others. So you should alternate writing comprehensive articles with simpler filler articles. For example. how to articles with diagrams and multimedia may take many hours to write; whereas “3 tips to xyz” can be created in an hour or two.

When to Schedule
This will vary from person to person. Choose a time and day that fits your daily routine such that you are not likely to be interrupted by visitors or clients.

Personally I am a morning person, so Friday mornings 8am to 10am works for me. So I have put an recurring entry in my calendar for Friday mornings with a reminder one hour before.

It is important to schedule one’s writing activity. It helps to motivate us, and enhances the impression clients get of our organization when they see regular articles.

With a regular writing routine one starts looking forward to the writing sessions, and you will feel a sense of pride when you post a good, informative article.
In the next article we will consider what tools to use.

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