About Us

We are a design company established in 1994. Does that mean we design web sites? Yes. Do we design posters and flyers. Yes. And newsletters, and logos, and exhibition stands, and DVDs, and …

But what we do best is design business solutions. When you have a business project, we can design all the pieces of the puzzle to make the project succeed.

We are a small business by choice. This allows us to keep our overhead costs low and offer cost-effective services. Our strength lies in : 

  • our expertise
    Because we are specialists, we work faster and more efficiently and save you money.
  • our network
    We have a network of associates, each expert in his or her area. We put together a team to match the needs of your project. So you get faster response and lower costs.
  • our ownership
    It is our business so we bend over backwards to get your project done – on cost and on schedule.
  • our international experience
    So it does not matter whether your project takes us to Burnaby, Banff or Bangladesh, we can do it.
  • scope of work
    Our network of associates allows us to swell to fit any size or type of job. On our extended staff network you will find professional word-processors, desktop publishers, graphics designers, technical writers, engineers, media specialists and many more.

So, can a small business be professional and reliable? Our formula has proven itself since our foundation in 1989! Our long list of clients speaks for itself. Our clients appreciate our no-nonsense, professional yet personal and homey approach.