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It’s That Time Again

Festive DDIt’s amazing how often “it’s that time again”! For us it means it is an opportunity for seasonal advertising. With that in mind, we have created a special course, Seasonal Advertising with Adobe Elements.

What do we mean by seasonal advertising? It is advertising for specific times of the year like autumn or winter. It also includes cultural events like Halloween, the Super Bowl, etc.

These “seasons” typically have a very narrow time window so the key is to be able to produce advertising quickly and Photoshop Elements is ideal for that!

In this course we show how you can create seasonal ads for print, web and email easily using powerful, but often overlooked, tools in Photoshop Elements. This course is part of our series, Adobe Elements for Small Business.

In the course we focus on Clipping Masks and Graphics tools – powerful skills that you will be able to use in many other Photoshop Elements projects.

Here is one of the ads you will create in the course:


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Make Adobe Elements Work For You

ctforseniorsDo you struggle to create ads for your organization? As a small business or organization you will certainly have a need to promote a new produce, service or event – and often with a deadline. Then Adobe Elements is the tool for you!

We have added a new course to our Adobe Elements for Small Business Series – Advertise with Adobe Elements. In this course we will show you how you can easily create a print ad using Photoshop Elements.

In this course we create two typical ads for a new service, Computer Training for Seniors – one in colour and one black and white (grayscale). The course goes step by step through the process from concept to final design; and the course notes in each lesson gives background information about steps taken.

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Logo Design Made Easy

pp-logo vs1A logo is an important part of the branding of an organization.

We have added a new course to our Adobe Elements for Small Business series that goes into the practical aspects of designing a logo using Photoshop Elements and then how you can animate the logo in Premiere Elements.

The course is again step by step and very practical. All the lessons have extensive course notes giving more background to the video lessons.

Even if you already have a logo for your organization, we encourage you to take this course – you are sure to learn a lot of tricks about Adobe Elements that you did not know.

The Night Vision Project Course

nightvision2We have added another fun and exciting course in our Adobe Elements for Small Business Series.

Recently the Hamas organization posted a video showing that they had had the Israeli general “in their sights”. We thought it would be interesting to recreate the concept using Premiere Elements.

With that as starting point, we designed this course to focus on using the video effects in Premiere Elements to simulate looking through binoculars equipped with night vision. The techniques covered can be used in many projects.

In addition to recreating the night vision effect, the course takes you step-by-step through the process of creating a typical short business video for your organization, all the way from concept to finally uploading to YouTube. Each lesson is accompanied by extensive lesson notes providing additional information.

As is typical for most projects, we use both Premiere Elements and Photoshop Elements in this course. The final course project is shown below:

For more information visit the course home page →

Technology in Education

edtechI believe in the use of technology in education. One of the most inspiring education websites is the Kahn Academy – their mantra is that you can learn anything, anywhere for free forever – and this is made possible by the use of technology.

That said, I think we need to be very careful about putting too much emphasis on technology as the miracle cure for education.

The sellers of technology are very effective in promoting their products in a way that one can see just how it can be used for teaching. And, as a gadget lover, my toes curl over…

The reality sets in when one looks at the cost, and just how quickly the gadget/program will become outdated and superseded by something else.

No matter how many smiling kids we see around the device in the promotional material, it is not where the emphasis should be.

Education is not a business where you can measure results by the “bottom line”. Education is about relationships. It is about teachers being there to support students, to help them believe in themselves.


Cost-effective Training

computer classHow does one get is cost-effective computer training? In fact, what is cost-effective training?

You have to look at both the time and the money spent for what you have learned.

Just as important is whether you have learned what you actually need.

It is possible to take a computer class, learn a lot, and still not be able to apply it to your need. That is not effective training.

The Case for One-on-One
A good way to get cost-effective computer training that is often overlooked is one-on-one training. When you have a competent teacher you learn at your pace, exactly what you need to know.

You will often find that when the teacher clears up a mental block that you have had, the rest falls into place much easier and faster.

We offer a wide range of training , including one on one. So do check out our training section.




Understanding WordPress Posts

understanding wordpressLately most of our clients request that we use WordPress to develop their websites. In the process we discovered that people struggle with WordPress because they think in terms of traditional web pages.

But WordPress does not do web pages. It only uses entries in a database. And this requires a new way of thinking.

With this in mind we have created a new free course, Understanding WordPress Posts. It builds on the previous two introductory courses where we built

In this course we discuss the concepts of WordPress way of working with content and then illustrate it with real life practical applications.

A Suite Deal

suite dealWe have seen how video has become an important tool for business and other organizations. Unlike word-processing, working with video is new for most people.

With this in mind, we have developed a suite of courses using free Microsoft software to introduce people to all aspects of working with video:

There is a saying “familiarity breeds contempt” butt he opposite is true when using new software. The more familiar you become with the software, the easier it will be and the more possibilities you will see for using the software.

That’s why we encourage you to give these courses a try. Each course is a complete, step-by-step project. So this is a fun way to become familiar with working with video. And once familiar, you will be surprised at the possibilities you will see for work and at home.

Why Online Training Is Worth It

There are a lot of free videos on the Web. But a video on YouTube, no matter how good, does not an online course make!

What does it take?
When developing a course, I use many years of adult education experience to develop the outline of the course. The course is designed to meet specific learning outcomes for the student. This part of the development often takes the most time.

Next I spend days selecting and testing the course materials. They have to be suitable for the course objectives.

Then the course is taught live and revised based on the feedback received. Finally the course videos are recorded, edited and uploaded to the site. Each course takes two to three weeks to create.

So finally…
Clearly a properly designed online course is much more than just a YouTube video. You can know that the time and money you invest when taking an online course is really worth it!

Why not try one of our courses and see for yourself

Tell Your Story With Video

Woman VideographerIn a previous post I encouraged people to tell their story.

There are different ways you could do that and using video is one option.

With that in mind, I have created a free online training course, Fundamentals of Making a Video that I encourage readers to have a look at.

Whether your story is

  • promoting a new product
  • telling people about your new book
  • all about your trip to Amarilla Bay

the techniques described in the course will help you to tell your story with video!